Laser Cutting and Fabricating Your Unique Parts.

Our 4400-watt laser cutter is powerful enough to handle the toughest jobs. It cuts stainless, mild steel, and aluminum sheets, plate, and hollow structural shapes with ease and incredible accuracy. We can cut your materials into just about any design required. Our Laser is CNC controlled and equipped with an automatic shuttle table to increase cutting efficiencies!

  • Up to 0.625” stainless steel
  • Up to 1” mild steel
  • Accuracy of +/-0.001” per foot
  • 5′ x 10′ (60″ x 120″) sheet capacity
  • Tube Cutting up to 12” diameter
  • Capabilities include sheet, plate and hollow structural steel

Metal Forming

Our brake presses can handle parts up to 13 feet in length with press capacity up to 220 Tons. With state of the art CNC precision, we are able to both program and form your pieces to the highest degree of accuracy.


Complete Manufacturing

In addition to laser cutting and punching, we offer full welding, sheering and forming services – not only for raw metal, but also for complete manufactured items! This gives you tremendous flexibility in your manufacturing processes.