Founded in 1949, General Conveyor Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company based in Aurora, Ontario – about 20 minutes north of Toronto. The GCCL product line includes all types of conveyor systems, packaging machinery, palletizer/depalletizer equipment, robotic automations, innovative system integration, advanced technology distribution, qualified technical support, and service of all supplied equipment. Our primary focus is in the food, personal care, pharmaceutical, beverage, irradiation, plastics and warehousing industries.

General Conveyor’s reputation for providing high performance products and service translates to satisfied customers worldwide. General Conveyor ongoing commitment and investment in advanced technology and manufacturing methods ensures minimal waste, superior quality, lower costs, and competitive value.

About GCCL

Our Capabilities include:

  • Mechanical, Electrical, Controls, and Applications Design
  • Mechanical and Electrical site service and equipment installations/removals
  • Full scope, in-house system testing with customer materials
  • Substantial and responsive spare parts supply
  • Full service metal fabrication, certified welding, and industrial coatings

From complete packaging lines to single conveyors, General Conveyor is your single source for reliable solutions. With our excellent combination of experience and technology, we can meet all of your material handling needs. Call on General Conveyor today!

About GCCL
About GCCL
About GCCL


General Conveyor Inc. is a private, Canadian owned and controlled corporation that believes great success is the bi-product of great organizational culture. The General Conveyor culture functions with a mutual respect of all company stakeholders and a common goal to achieve great results together for the customer through operational excellence.

We believe that thoughtful, objective communication is the cornerstone to a healthy business culture that is conducive to change and continuous improvement. Our commitment to lean manufacturing principles, process control, and a safe, productive and happy environment are the keys to operational excellence and success.

We strive to create a dynamic culture committed to self and organizational improvement for the benefit of everyone.