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  • Slip Roll Case Conveyor, CDLR

    The advantages of our slip roll, chain driven live roller conveyor systems include accumulation, tapered roll curves, robustness and long life, safe operation, and minimum maintenance. We build the same conveying systems around our palletizers and depalletizers - it has to be strong.

    • 12", 15", 18", 21" and 24" BFR.
    • Curves at 32" inside radius.
    • Rollers set high or low.
    • Roller to roller or single strand chain design.
    • Adjustable underslung drive position.
    • Drive crossovers.
    • Optional gates for product control.
    • Optional wiring, sensing and programmable control.
    • Gravity roller conveyor also available.
    • Can be "positive" driven.
    • Competitive pricing.

  • Slip/Tier Sheet Dispenser

    The slip sheet dispenser can place slip sheets directly onto the pallet before the load is assembled. For unitized loads, the sheet is dispensed directly onto the full load discharge conveyor.

    • Side or over-the-conveyor mounted slipsheet magazine.
    • Large capacity magazine.
    • High efficiency vacuum generator.
    • Vacuum cup pattern is adjustable to suit a wide range of slipsheet types.
    • Adjustable for various sizes of slipsheets.
    • Multi-level tier sheet magazine and dispenser option also available.

  • Small Footprint Semi-Automatic Depalletizer with Rotary Accumulation

    This manual or semi-automatic depalletizer is a low-level machine with a compact footprint, typically used for low to moderate speed applications where space requirements are limited. Featuring relatively high output speeds, this strong, sturdy design.

    • Manual loading of pallet into depalletizer.
    • Scissor lift and sweep arm.
    • Discharge onto rotary turntable.
    • Easy to learn operator fingertip controls.
    • Optional: infeed and/or discharge conveyors
    • Optional: empty pallet stacker.
    • Manual or semi-automatic operation with relatively high output speeds.
    • Strong, sturdy design with an emphasis on conserving floor space.
    • Cost-effective, reliable system.
    • Modular construction for maximum versatility.

  • Spiral Accumulation

    General Conveyor offers a wide range of specifically designed curing or cooling towers for handling a variety of products. Suitable for use in the food or pharmaceutical industries.

    • Full wash-down capability.
    • Mild or stainless steel construction.
    • Low tension drive.
    • Bulk material cooling/drying.
    • Stainless steel, mild steel or plastic chain.
    • Heavy construction for maximum life.
    • FDA and Agriculture Canada approved plastic belts.
    • Large open area for product cooling and conveying.

  • Spiral Conveyor

    Designed as a cost effective alternative to a low-tension spiral, this conveyor features a simple design with minimal parts. Because the drum is stationary, a special chain with a bearing mechanism is used to reduce the tension.

    • Suitable for cases, totes, bottles, cans, trays, books etc.
    • Mild steel or stainless steel construction.
    • Variety of infeed/discharge configurations.
    • Reversible models available.
    • Standard belt widths of 7-1/2", 12", 15", 18" and 24".
    • Ambient, cooling or high temperature applications.
    • Optional: PLC with operator interface panel.