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  • Series 4200 Automatic, High-Speed, High-Capacity Depalletizer

    This automatic depalletizer is a high-level discharge machine with a compact footprint. It is capable of handling loads up to 110" high, and is suitable for round or rectangular products such as bottles, cans etc.

    • Pallet infeed chain conveyor.
    • Electrically driven lift for high speed depalletizing, with sweep arm.
    • Automatic removal of load steadying "picture frame" and tier sheets.
    • Product accumulation and single-file discharge.
    • Empty pallet stacking.

  • Service

    The key to prolonging the life of your production equipment is preventative maintenance. This will ensure smooth and efficient operations, and prevent costly downtime of your production line.

    Since 1949, General Conveyor Inc. has designed and manufactured a wide range of standard and customized conveyors, machinery and integrated systems. Our reputation for providing quality products and service has meant satisfied customers worldwide.

    Some of our customers have found that a scheduled preventative maintenance program has been helpful to assist in managing corrective actions, that may be necessary to maintain peak performance of their production equipment. As part of our visit, our service technicians will check for wear and tear of the components specific to your machinery, and make necessary adjustments, as well as lubricate bearings, drive components, etc. After our service call, our technician will supply a written report recommending any required replacements or improvements that will increase operating efficiency.

    • Installation of new/used equipment.
    • Removal of existing equipment.
    • Mechanical/Electrical repair of conveyor equipment.
    • Preventative maintenance service contracts.
    • Periodic equipment/system performance audits and consulting.
    • 24-7 technical service support hotline.
    • PLC programming and troubleshooting.

    We know packaging equipment best.

    Service hotline: 1-888-927-7922

  • Single Post, Magnetic Head, Automatic Depalletizer

    Our single post magnetic head depalletizer is used for automatic bulk depalletizing of metal, plastic or glass containers and packages, and allows continuous product placement onto the production line.

    • Pallet infeed conveyor.
    • 2-axis pick-and-place magnetic head transfer.
    • Integral tier sheet removal (mounted to underside of head).
    • Mattop discharge accumulation conveyor (not shown).
    • Low-level discharge conveyor located below infeed conveyor.
    • Empty pallets automatically stacked.
    • Allen-Bradley PLC controls with operator interface panel.
    • Options available: product singulation, tier sheet storage, top frame storage.

  • Slat Lane Divider / Converger

    Our range of Slat Lane Dividers/Convergers provides an automated system for dividing or converging one product line into as many as six product lanes. It is ideal for applications requiring moderate to high-speed sorting, reject or accumulation lane switching. Not normally recommended for dirty environments, or where spillage may be a concern.

    • Multiple lane dividing or converging.
    • Eliminates manual sorting, saves time and costs.
    • "Jam Proof" switching.
    • High Speed operation.
    • Fully automatic.
    • Mild steel or stainless steel construction.
    • Options available: control package.

  • Slider Bed Belt Conveyor

    General Conveyor Inc. manufactures a wide range of horizontal and incline belt conveyors that may be easily modified to meet customer requirements. Construction in both Mild Steel and Stainless Steel is available.

    • Mild steel or sanitary stainless steel frames.
    • Available in a variety of sizes, with belting to suit application.
    • Modular design.
    • Floor or ceiling mounting.
    • Custom designing available.
    • Easy maintenance.