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  • Air-tight Conveying System

  • Alpine Accumulation

    General Conveyor offers a single or a twin alpine accumulation system. Suitable for handling plastic, metal or glass containers.
    • Plastic or steel clad chain for harsh environments, such as transporting metal components.
    • Simple side transfers with a parallel configuration.
    • Easy cleanout of the optional drip trays.
    • Complete range of corners, stops and merges to allow complete system supply.
    • Mild or stainless steel construction.
  • Automatic Depalletizer with Inverter, Air Rinser, and Pallet Stacking

    This particular depalletizer system is operator-assisted, with manual removal of tier sheets from the adjacent platform. Featuring a powder-coated mild steel frame, options included upgraded controls and a tier sheet holding rack.

    • Full pallet infeed chain conveyor.
    • Depalletizer with scissor lift and sweep arm.
    • Mattop conveyor provides 1.5 minutes of product accumulation.
    • 48" diameter rotary turntable with single-file discharge.
    • 'G'-shaped side-grip inverting conveyor with handwheel-operated adjustment mechanism to accomodate 3 container sizes.
    • Air rinser has integral 0.3 micron filtered air injection and 1.0 micron air exhaust.
    • Product discharge mattop conveyor.
    • Empty pallet roller conveyor. Empty pallet stacking.

  • Automatic Single Tower System

    Automatic sheet material storage and retrieval towers. For loading and unloading sheet steel to a laser or punch, maintain storage and inventory of sheet materials. Save floor space and increase safety, increase efficiency and production equipment capacity.

    • Easy stack loading and sheet unloading.
    • Modular components for complete system flexibility.
    • Multiple shelf capability.
    • 6000 lb per shelf capacity.
    • Shelves can be configured to fit a variety of materials.
    • Electrically and pneumatically powered.
    • Touch screen operator controls (panelview).
    • "Right-size" solution for any application.
    • Optional: additional towers, automated weigh scale, automated transfer cart, automated delivery of a single sheet to a laser with parts removal.
    • Optional software interface for: task queue, system status, visual position tracking, inventory management, shelf weight tracking and audits, gantry sheet delivery and/or parts removal, reports, and multiple shelves in motion.

  • Bottle Packaging Station