Note: Some guards or components may have been temporarily removed for illustrative purposes only. All equipment guards, protective devices, and safety components shall be in place correctly before operating the machine.


Automatic Single Tower System


  • Easy stack loading and sheet unloading.
  • Modular components for complete system flexibility.
  • Multiple shelf capability.
  • 6000 lb per shelf capacity.
  • Shelves can be configured to fit a variety of materials.
  • Electrically and pneumatically powered.
  • Touch screen operator controls (panelview).
  • "Right-size" solution for any application.
  • Optional: additional towers, automated weigh scale, automated transfer cart, automated delivery of a single sheet to a laser with parts removal.
  • Optional software interface for: task queue, system status, visual position tracking, inventory management, shelf weight tracking and audits, gantry sheet delivery and/or parts removal, reports, and multiple shelves in motion.

Automatic sheet material storage and retrieval towers. For loading and unloading sheet steel to a laser or punch, maintain storage and inventory of sheet materials. Save floor space and increase safety, increase efficiency and production equipment capacity.

Manual Drawer Organizer


  • Available for 4'x8' and 5'x12' sheet sizes.
  • Each drawer can hold 2500 lb.
  • Up to 8 pull out drawers per organizer (depending on amount of material to store).
  • Each drawer can be labelled with type of material.
  • Easy access by forklift, plus drawers can be opened manually and unloaded by vacuum lifter.

Our sheet metal organizer drawer is the perfect way to store all types of sheet metals. All of your materials can be neatly and conveniently stored flat in a space-saving drawer format - where they'll be easy to find when needed. This is the best way to store sheet materials, especially various thicknesses.