Note: Some guards or components may have been temporarily removed for illustrative purposes only. All equipment guards, protective devices, and safety components shall be in place correctly before operating the machine.


RA10 Pallet Dispenser

  • item2Standard duty with welded, heavy gauge steel frames.
  • Adjustable pallet sizes from 38"x38" up to 48"x48".
  • 600 lb or 12 pallet capacity.
  • Wood, metal or plastic pallets.
  • Easily incorporated into existing equipment.
  • Can be supplied with control panel for fully automatic operation.



The RA10 pallet dispenser is an automatic dispenser capable of handling various pallet sizes with minimal change-over time. All lift and dispensing mechanisms are pneumatically performed. No internal take-away conveyor is required, since the pallet is pneumatically pushed onto your existing line conveyor. Pallets can be loaded manually or by lift truck from three sides. This machine can be retrofitted too.


RA20 Pallet Stacker/Destacker


  • Automatic stacking and destacking.
  • 1500 lb or 20 pallet capacity.
  • Up to 180 pallets per hour.
  • Right angle or in-line configuration.
  • Adjustable pallet sizes from 31"x31" up to 53"x48" (optional larger units available).
  • Discharge elevation 10" to 26" (optional floor discharge unit available).


The RA20 pallet stacker/destacker is capable of handling various pallet sizes with minimal change-over time. Heavy-duty motorized lift design with pneumatically operated dispensing mechanisms. Can be retrofitted to existing palletizer and conveyor lines.