Note: Some guards or components may have been temporarily removed for illustrative purposes only. All equipment guards, protective devices, and safety components shall be in place correctly before operating the machine.



GCCL offers a variety of components that can be uniquely configured for specific depalletizing applications. In addition to designing, manufacturing or sourcing components, we can provide any level of automation and integration necessary, as well as service existing equipment.

Automatic Depalletizer with Inverter, Air Rinser, and Pallet Stacking

  • MachDepall090625Full pallet infeed chain conveyor.
  • Depalletizer with scissor lift and sweep arm.
  • Mattop conveyor provides 1.5 minutes of product accumulation.
  • 48" diameter rotary turntable with single-file discharge.
  • 'G'-shaped side-grip inverting conveyor with handwheel-operated adjustment mechanism to accomodate 3 container sizes.
  • Air rinser has integral 0.3 micron filtered air injection and 1.0 micron air exhaust.
  • Product discharge mattop conveyor.
  • Empty pallet roller conveyor. Empty pallet stacking.


This particular depalletizer system is operator-assisted, with manual removal of tier sheets from the adjacent platform. Featuring a powder-coated mild steel frame, options included upgraded controls and a tier sheet holding rack.


Series 4200 Automatic, High-Speed, High-Capacity Depalletizer


  • Pallet infeed chain conveyor.
  • Electrically driven lift for high speed depalletizing, with sweep arm.
  • Automatic removal of load steadying "picture frame" and tier sheets.
  • Product accumulation and single-file discharge.
  • Empty pallet stacking.




This automatic depalletizer is a high-level discharge machine with a compact footprint. It is capable of handling loads up to 110" high, and is suitable for round or rectangular products such as bottles, cans etc.


Series 4000 Automatic Depalletizer


  • Pallet infeed conveyor.
  • Depalletizer with sweep arm, tier sheet gripper, and scissor lift.
  • Accumulation conveyor.
  • Mattop discharge conveyor for product singulation.
  • Automatic removal of load steadying "picture frame" and tier sheets.
  • Empty pallets automatically stacked.
  • Programmable electronic control, with optional control devices and diagnostics available.
  • Optional: magnetic can cleaner.
  • Optional: product lowerator.


Capable of handling a variety of empty containers and products, this fully automatic depalletizer allows continuous product placement onto the production line, and can be fully integrated into existing product handling conveyor systems.


Series 4000S Automatic Depalletizer with Turntable Accumulation


  • Pallet infeed conveyor.
  • Depalletizer with scissor lift and sweep arm.
  • Automatic removal of tier sheets.
  • Twist chute product discharge.
  • Empty pallets automatically discharged below infeed conveyor.
  • PLC controls.




This low-cost, small-footprint depalletizer has been designed for slow, stable products that can be discharged onto a turntable for single-filing. It can be fully integrated into existing product handling conveyor systems.


Single Post, Magnetic Head, Automatic Depalletizer


  • Pallet infeed conveyor.
  • 2-axis pick-and-place magnetic head transfer.
  • Integral tier sheet removal (mounted to underside of head).
  • Mattop discharge accumulation conveyor (not shown).
  • Low-level discharge conveyor located below infeed conveyor.
  • Empty pallets automatically stacked.
  • Allen-Bradley PLC controls with operator interface panel.
  • Options available: product singulation, tier sheet storage, top frame storage.




Our single post magnetic head depalletizer is used for automatic bulk depalletizing of metal, plastic or glass containers and packages, and allows continuous product placement onto the production line.


Small Footprint Semi-Automatic Depalletizer with Rotary Accumulation


  • Manual loading of pallet into depalletizer.
  • Scissor lift and sweep arm.
  • Discharge onto rotary turntable.
  • Easy to learn operator fingertip controls.
  • Optional: infeed and/or discharge conveyors
  • Optional: empty pallet stacker.
  • Manual or semi-automatic operation with relatively high output speeds.
  • Strong, sturdy design with an emphasis on conserving floor space.
  • Cost-effective, reliable system.
  • Modular construction for maximum versatility.




This manual or semi-automatic depalletizer is a low-level machine with a compact footprint, typically used for low to moderate speed applications where space requirements are limited. Featuring relatively high output speeds, this strong, sturdy design