Note: Some guards or components may have been temporarily removed for illustrative purposes only. All equipment guards, protective devices, and safety components shall be in place correctly before operating the machine.


Accumulation Tableitem3

  • Reversing pusher beam to ensure all products are returned to the production line.
  • Capable of handling a variety of glass, metal or plastic containers.
  • A number of standard sizes available. Size can be customized to suit your line capacity.
  • Can be fully integrated into appropriate existing conveyor systems.
  • Continuous and smooth side transfer to and from the production line.
  • A variety of different configurations available; flow-through, bi-flow, etc.


For smooth line control under varying operating conditions General Conveyor has developed a range of product accumulation tables. The accumulation table accepts product when a downstream machine slows down and returns it to the production line when normal conditions resume. Suitable for the beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

Rotary Accumulationitem4

  • Accumulates product for automated machinery.
  • Easily incorporated into existing conveyor systems.
  • Used as a product collecting station for manual packing.
  • Maintenance free.

General Conveyor Inc. designs and manufactures a variety of rotary accumulator/unscrambler systems. These rotary accumulators are suitably situated on conveyor lines in front of automated machinery where products accumulate or at the end of packaging lines.

With the addition of an optional sweep arm, manual unloading of products into the main conveyor stream is possible. These rotary accumulators are available with a variety of powered infeeds with fixed or tilting dump tables. All designs are available in various sizes and in stainless steel construction.